Imani Wilmot

Filmmaker | Graphic Designer | Creative Consultant | Surfer

…Create. Inspire. Empower |¬†Telling¬†stories that matter…

Recent graduate of an Honours BA in Environmental Studies and Film Studies at the University of Ottawa in Canada, Imani is known internationally as Jamaica’s first “daughter of surf,” and has established herself as a seasoned filmmaker and graphic designer in her homeland of Jamaica. She is slowly making her mark in the film and graphic design industries in Ottawa as well.

Her most recent project, titled ‘Killa!’, was premiered in April 2014 at the MediaFed Film Festival: an event that Imani has organized for the past two years for Zoom Productions and the Student Federation at the University of Ottawa (SFUO). She has already gained years of experience working on productions such as Better Mus’ Come (Storm Saulter), The Candy Shop (Joel Burke), Press Fyah’s Far Away Music Video (Kush Asher), Cutty Corner (Cynfred Jamaica Ltd), and Strong Jamaicans, Stirring Times among several others.

Over the past three years, Imani has worked with Zoom Productions in Ottawa, Canada, where she has transformed the way in which student stories are told on the University of Ottawa campus. Along with the help of young filmmaker Aleksandra Tomic, Imani created a Production Assistant Training Guide, which is specifically designed for Zoom Productions. Imani has also worked as the Operations Manager and Production Coordinator for D.S.E., where she produced and wrote treatments for numerous commercials and music videos.

As the Founder and Coordinator of Jamaica’s first all-girl surf club, Surf Girls Jamaica, Imani is using her talents to empower young girls around the globe and bring about a positive change through surfing.

Imani Wilmot is the organizer of #SurfLikeAGirl: an all-girl summer learn-to-surf camp held annually at the Jamnesia Surf Club. Imani is also a certified ISA surfing judge, a surf instructor at the Jamnesia Surf Club, and a poetess and dancer. Imani has performed at numerous poetry shows including Seh Sup’m, Poetry Society of Jamaica, and Jamnesia Sessions. She has also had works published both on line and in print in Jamaica. Some of her works have even been performed as contemporary dances.